Leadership Benefits

El Con Center “From a $20 million appraisal before implementing the Repositioning Strategy

to an $86 million sale in five years!”

CambridgeSide Galleria

“Inventing the ‘Up-Up’ construction method resulted in an opening

a full shopping season early adding four months of unanticipated income!”

West Oaks Mall Regal/Edwards Cinema

“Saved $1 million in construction cost, with no extras to the Developer

and an early opening!”


Initial Owner proforma assumptions predict project success and initiate a ‘go’ scenario for development financing.  DbyD acts as the “Owner’s Caretaker” of those predictions as the project proceeds from inception to completion, maintaining team design program, schedule and pricing all along the way.

Design Management

Owners wish to know quickly and without extensive soft cost expenditure, whether their project will have a likelihood of success.  DbyD creates “back of envelope” program/concept drawings for ownership to determine “go/no go” status in meeting their initial proforma.

Once the project proceeds, DbyD assembles the design team: architect, engineers, permit expeditor, and quantity surveyor to move forward with the project.  DbyD leads regular team meetings fostering a “project centered” approach to create a balance between design, cost and speed.

Construction Management

Design is the tip of the iceberg.  During the pre-construction phase of project’s development, scope and budget can increase if the owner falls in love with the architect’s “vision.”  Through current phase cost vs. original target budget evaluation, DbyD removes owner risk that pricing will end up over budget or the grand opening will be delayed.  DbyD provides design development cost checks to be sure the project is balanced, neither over programmed nor over designed.

Tenant Relations

DbyD understands that ownership’s top priority is the User/Customer who drives income.

While most of DbyD’s focus has been on the expense side via design/construction management, the key to success is supporting the leasing team as they market Tenant prospects to take a space.

DbyD analyzes tenant work letters, provides lease outline drawings and marketing images to help make deals happen.  DbyD provides cost estimates for various deal types: ground lease, build to suite, shell or turnkey construction.

As the project proceeds into Tenant final design review and construction, DbyD expedites permits, owner/tenant contractor interface on site, tenant allowance verification, punch list, and assists in obtaining a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

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