Multi-Family Residential


DbyD has provided land planning, design, construction management and development for 5,000 multi-family residential units across the United States.

Resurrection Health Care in Chicago retained Sisco/Lubotsky Associates to manage the programming and architectural design for a 400 unit, active elderly development long sought after by the Hospital’s customer base within its trade area.

Resurrection Retirement Community, Chicago, IL
Sisco/Lubotsky Architects, Sisters of Resurrection


DbyD is the Development Manager for North by Northwest’s Chandler Field, Williston, North Dakota. DbyD oversaw the 100 acre, 1,300 residential unit planning phase and implemented $10 million of infrastructure improvements in the first phase. Currently in pre-construction is a 300 unit garden apartment complex on 17 acres: Three story walk ups, 78% two bedroom, 22% one bedroom units ranging from 700 to 1,100 sf each.

Chandler Field Apartments, Williston, ND
Garrison Architects, North by Northwest Development


Multi-Family Townhouses and Apartments can have densities between 10 and 20 dwelling units per acre, while creating attractive, livable quadrangles and adequate surface parking that residents do not see from their windows. Buildings are placed in the land plan with long ends running North to South so all units get adequate direct sunshine.

The Atrium, Elmhurst, IL
Booth and Nagle Architects, Simon/RG Group


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